Do You Have any Questions?

Many times at the end of an interview, the interviewer will ask the candidate if they have any questions.

This is the time that you should be very prepared for with your list of questions.

It is certainly appropriate to ask about recent news that you have found in your research as long as it doesn’t lead to any type of embarrassing position for the interviewer or the company you are interviewing for.

And, it is also a good idea to ask about how you can be successful when they decide to hire you. Here are a couple of questions I suggest you consider asking at these types of opportunities:

  • What are the most important things you would like me to do in the first three months if I am hired for this position?
    • It could also be very valuable for you to have an answer to each of these questions from your point of view: i.e.: “At this point, my most important things to do would be: …”
  • Is there anything at all you would like me to clarify for you about my experience?
  • How do you see my skills and experience fitting with the needs of your company?
  • What are the prospects for growth in this position and company?
  • What do you enjoy most about working here?
  • How is performance typically measured and reviewed?
  • When do you expect to be making a hiring decision?
  • May I follow up with you to find out your decision (can I have a business card, please?))

Also remember that when you do get the interviewer’s contact information, it is a very good idea to send a follow up / Thank You note for their time and efforts.

Resume Power Words

There are so many people offering to rewrite your resume to improve your chances of being found on the internet. So, my question is: Who is the right one? Or the best one?

Could it be YOU?

Here are some words that many people have found to have an advantage in Search Engines over time:

Resume Power Words

So, try putting some of these in your Resume and Social Media Profiles like LinkedIn and see what happens!

Suburban Cowboy Chapter One

This is my first attempt at recording a chapter from the StoryWorth book that Kevin gave me as a gift subscription over one year ago.

Every week (on Monday) I would get an email from StoryWorth with a topic that I could write about and send back my stories. As it turned out, I wrote about 48 stories of the 52 weeks they sent me and the book that StoryWorth printed is called: “The Life & Times of A Suburban Cowboy”. Kevin thought of the title and the cover pic.

The Cover and End Stripe

Since I finished this book, I have begun to re-write its contents so that I can publish on my own version rather than have to pay StoryWorth for any more copies at their prices.

This attachment, then, is a recording of the first chapter in this book: “I wasn’t always writing”. I hope you enjoy.

I Wasn’t Always Writing

If you have any opinions or feedback on this first chapter, please let me know at my email address:—

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and feedback, bgbg

Interview Question Prep V001

Once you have an Interview scheduled, perhaps, even before you have one scheduled, it is beneficial that each of us prepare for answering all questions that might come up during the interview. Going in “cold” is not a good approach so here are some suggestions about how to begin preparation.

How to start your Prep

PS: The list of all Podcast LINKS can be found here:

Brian and Bill’s Podcast LINK List as of Jan 2022

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Just Briefly…:

Brian and Bill

Several years ago, my good friend Brian suggested we create a PodCast for the Job Seeker ideas that we shared.

I had been running a Mentoring group for a technical networking group and had a fairly strong following from within that group. As a result of that first mentoring group, I started a Job Seekers group at our church and asked Brian if he would be willing to help me with it.

What came out of these efforts was a Podcast called: “Brian and Bill’s Job Seeker Podcast”

This is the beginning of the list of those podcasts which I am preserving on this blog:

Brian and Bill’s Job Seeker Podcast – Episode 001

I hope you enjoy listening as much as you get some value out of our thoughts.

And, once again, if you have any comments or questions, please REPLY to each Podcast OR send me an email at whendoyoustoplooking@bgbgbgbg

Thanx, bgbg

PS: The list of all Podcast LINKS can be found here:

Brian and Bill’s Podcast LINK List as of Jan 2022

And the Next Post in this series is here:

Just Briefly

Podcast List 2022

This is a list of audio files I have loaded to this blog for the purpose of retaining the original recordings of “Brian and Bill’s Job Seeker Podcasts”.

Podcast NameLink to Podcast
Got a Minute Intro
MP3 Recording “How To”
E001: Resume Formats
Interview Question Preparation
E001: Job Seekers

As I post these Audio files to my Blog(s), I will update this list with the Links you can use to listen to them as you prefer.

Space: The Old – New Frontier

Are you working for a company that still has leased or owned space that is underutilized?

Are you concerned for the financial viability of your company while they continue to pay for / maintain their unused office space?

What do you think you and your company could do with this space that would relieve some of the existing costs?

When I think about all the people in our workforce who are seriously considering Quitting their jobs to start their own ventures, I also think about how much help or support they might need in their dreamed new businesses.

And, also, I think about their need for work spaces to prepare their plans, service or product offerings, and be able to, first, identify and then communicate with their potential customers.

Try to imagine a Hoteling service for these new businesses so that they can use your already configured and unused office spaces to prepare and conduct their new businesses.

For example, let’s say you have a section of your available space that is already set up with 5 or 10 cubicles with walls, desks, chairs, phones, internet connections, printers, faxes, and a reception area. You could offer some of these start up businesses the use of one of these spaces for one or two days per week for a month or quarter at a time. Your plan would include an initial set up for a User Id and Password (they can bring their own PC or use yours); an answered land line phone (either a live receptionist or an automated answering service); access to the network (data, printers, the internet, etc.), all of which you can configure once and give them access based on their committed schedule.

If you are fortunate to fill each of your cubicles with part time tenants, you could always schedule reconfigurations for the other available days each week to increase your rentals and, thereby, expand your capacity until you are fully occupied.

Of course, you would need a “Hoteling” application that would capture Reservation Requests, Schedule the “Rooms” and “Configurations”, create and send Hoteling Invoices, receive payments (pre paid in most cases); schedule housekeeping services including restocking of supplies, maintenance of a Help Desk, etc.

Oh, and by the way, my company: The Path To Inkc, is building a Hoteling Business Practice to help you implement just this sort of business venture for you. If you are interested, please reach out to me at 484-925-1535 / 610-662-5658 or You can also use the Contact Page on this web site.

Where Do You Work?

Or, where are you able to work from lately?

In many cases, recently, we no longer need to work from an office. Any infrastructure (support) we might need has become very portable: cell phones, wifi, hot spots, cloud storage, etc.

My Latest Work Space (Basement Office 2022)

With so many companies removing the centralized office as a requirement for their work force, there are now increasing opportunities to get work done from almost anywhere as long as their is a cable or cellular signal available.

This technology also relieves us from having to work on a fixed schedule: no more necessity to work from “9 AM to 5 PM”; however, this also means that we can work at almost any time around the clock: 8 PM, 2:30 AM, and anytime in between. Whatever happened to that 40 hour work week? Whatever happened to week ends or holidays? Whatever happened to vacations?

So I guess, the “WHEN Do You Work?” question is also applicable to this discussion.

If you are interested in continuing this conversation, please tell me WHERE and WHEN do you find yourself working these days?

You can either REPLY to this post, or you the Contact form on this website to reach me.

Thanx, in advance, bgbg

Before You Quit, Have a Plan

It’s been noted in the news and on social media, that many people have quit their full time jobs in order to “go out on their own” in some fashion. And, I certainly don’t / can’t disagree with this interest.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

However, my strong suggestion is that before any one quits their primary source of income that they do some planning and preparation before hand.

Some of the things many of us can do these days are:

  • Search the Internet for good ideas:
    • Copies and templates of successful and failed business plans
    • Information about “How To and When To …”:
      • Incorporate
      • Gather Funding
      • Hire Laywers and Accountants
        • Contracts
        • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
        • Patent / Copyright laws and requirements
        • Payroll and Accounting procedures and software(s)
      • Build Web Sites and On Line Marketing
      • Advertise
      • Web Analytics: SEO, SEM
      • Use Search Engines
      • etc.
    • Find on line and in-person Business Networking groups
  • Take preliminary action to prepare for:
    • The right business plan
    • An achievable set of businesss goals
      • Short Term, and
      • Longer Term
    • Conduct a Test Market Campaign
    • Discuss these (and most of your ideas) with those networking people who you believe you can trust

Although I am sure many of you could add or revise this list of suggestions, the basic idea is the Think, Plan and, THEN DO IT!

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