Instruction Guide for WHG

If you have ever wondered How To interact with me, this could become your “definitive” guide.

Health and Medicines:

I have very persistent allergies to almost everything that grows: grass, flowers, weeds, trees, bushes, and all their pollens, etc. And I am also allergic to milk except for soy milk; wool; and probably a few other things I have more rececntly forgotten about. I am also allergic to Pennicyllin.

The best cure I have found for when my allergies are truly debilitating is to get a Hot Compress over my eyes, take one or two extra allergy pills (over the counter Zyrtec or …), and recline in a dark room for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

If / WHEN my blood sugars drop I can usually just follow the “15 and 15” rule: Eat 15 mg of carbs and wait 15 minutes until my blood sugars come back up. One typical behavior pattern that can indicate that my blood sugar is low is that I will, sometimes, appear to be drunk or just goofy.

If / WHEN my blood sugar goes up dramatically, the only thing that has worked for me so far is to keep moving (I can’t walk fast or run anymore) for at least 15 minutes and hope that my blood sugar comes down after that little bit of exercise. A typical behavior when my blood sugar is high is that I will get a headache or may appear to be unsteady on my feet.

If none of these two blood sugar remedies work real well in less than one hour, it’s probably best to take me to an Emergency Room for more specialized treatment. Please do not try to inject me with insulin if you are not sure of the dosage.

In a Project Setting:

Communication is critically important to me and most other Project Managers.

I would prefer that my clients, users and my team members let me know if they are having difficulty with something we have decided or that we intend to build and install or where someone may be having doubts or difficulties in accomplishing their assigned tasks.

The earlier you let me know about any of these concerns the sooner we can develop a plan to resolve any of these issues. If you wait too long to tell me about these things, I will still figure out a way to resolve any issues but you may no longer be part of the team going forward.

I believe that self-assessment is absolutely critical to a project team’s success. And, it’s pretty clear to me that if we don’t SELF-assess, we will still be evaluated / judged by others.

Other Areas…

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