Second Office:
Meet me here.

Small Meetings:
BIG Results

If you are willing to take the time, let’s have an initial discussion (for now 30 to 40 min on ZOOM) to talk about your personal plans and goals. My hope is that we will focus on how YOU would like to earn income with a company of your own, contract work or employment, investments and other passive income, and product / service sales. Lets make a plan together.

To start, reach out to me at bgutches@thepathtoinkc.com , whendoyoustoplooking@gmail.com or 610.662.5658 so we can schedule our first ZOOM call.

Bill Gutches

I look forward to your call.

PS: Lately, in the second quarter of 2021, our world is re-opening slowly as the COVID-19 is getting more controlled. I’ve noticed that my old / usual Starbucks stores are opening up their tables lately and allowing more people to sit inside while having their coffees. So, if any of you are interested in meeting with me – in person – please let me know and I can meet you either at the Starbucks in King of Prussia on Route 202 (in front of the Target) or in the Town Center Starbucks near the Wegman’s / Walmart close to the King of Prussia Mall.

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