PPM Operational Flows

A Portfolio Project Management (PPM) function will consider implementing operational work flows similar to this list: Please review this list of suggested PPM Processes and advise us about your experiences and recommendations. Thank you, bgbg

Agilist Working Definition

In 2022 I started research into the Job Title of “Agilist”. This title appeared to me to be an evolution from SCRUM Masters, Project Managers, and uses of the Agile Manifesto. For today, I am proposing and working job definition for “Agilists” which I would really like to hear about from those who are willingContinue reading “Agilist Working Definition”

How Many P’s in Your PMO?

Many years ago, I decided that we should not limit ourselves to only three PMOs: Even though these were very obvious and have immediate value to those who sought more management for these functions, I still thought there could be MORE. I started writing notes about how to structure and operate these initial three PMOsContinue reading “How Many P’s in Your PMO?”

More Agilist Questions

Based on my earliest interviews, I have added some new questions to my interview plans: Thank you, in advance, if you decide to offer your responses to these questions. bgbg

Free Website Grader

While searching for some other “stuff”, I found a link to a FREE Website Grader tool that does some evaluations on web sites SO I figured I would try it out on THIS website: http://www.thepathtoinkc.com Here are the results: https://website.grader.com/tests/www.thepathtoinkc.com?utm_source=mktg-resources&utm_id=607212716856&utm_medium=paid&utm_term=marketing_hubspot_EN&utm_campaign=Marketing_MQLs_EN_NAM_NAM_Brand-HubSpot_e_m_campaignid804389993_agid43208773113_google&utm_content=&hsa_ver=3&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_acc=2734776884&hsa_kw=hubspot&hsa_grp=43208773113&hsa_mt=e&hsa_cam=804389993&hsa_ad=607212716856&hsa_tgt=kwd-298569398281&hsa_src=g&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmouZBhDSARIsALYcour_ECU-C5T75YGLPdZeNGm6Eic7TmDfYNEceOdUwbwMUEM51bC0cP0aAi3SEALw_wcB&__hstc=20629287.0f44ae21e2220b38596239973240a922.1663244896116.1663244896116.1663244896116.1&__hssc=20629287.1.1663244896117&__hsfp=3038205608 Please check it out. bgbg

Project Management Handbook Introduction

I have been in Information Technology (IT) since before it was called IT! At the beginning of my technology-based career, our groups or departments were typically referred to as “Electronic Data Processing” using “Electronic Accounting Machines” and the media for the data that was processed in the accounting machines was punched cards that were eitherContinue reading “Project Management Handbook Introduction”

Five Dollar Bill

9 Aug 2022: Found out that “technical.e.retired.wordpress.com” is already owned and been in use since 2006. ‘Gonna have to look for another title! 25 May 2022: “Five Dollar Bill” is now being called “TECHNically Retired” and the contents are being posted on You Tube under this channel name. Check it out. What can you getContinue reading “Five Dollar Bill”

Recent Engagement List

As of April 2022, I have been providing these services: Building Spreadsheet / Powerpoint Dashboards for company performance Sales Proposals to Win and Deliver Expense Tracking by Business Function Processing Client Requests through stages for: Tech equipment Requests Shopping / Pricing Items Invoicing per Client Requests Ordering items and Shippingf Delivery / Set up (optional) Coordinating ClientContinue reading “Recent Engagement List”

SCRUM / Sprint Sequencing

Data and application processing evolve. Each of these application components starts at a certain stage in their life cycle and change as the rest of the application’s capabilities mature. Putting order to the Sequence of Sprints in an Application Development project could take advantage of these evolutionary cycles in order to implement a scope ofContinue reading “SCRUM / Sprint Sequencing”