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My Software Engineering Handbook (SEH) blog has been in development since 2011. You can find the original content at https://www.softwareengineeringhandbook.wordpress.com
and I plan to continue writing content for it for the foreseeable future;

however, I have moved my content to this new web site:

NEW POST as of 27 July 2022: https://softwareengineeringhandbook.wordpress.com/2022/07/27/app-design-primer-a-short-story/

And you can find my first book at:

This blog started as a collection of my thoughts about how to conduct requirements gathering using a structured approach. This approach depends on my preference for graphic models and supportive narratives that answer to the names of: Data Models, Process Models, State Transition Diagrams and Event Models.

Depending on the audiences’ preferences, I like to use some combination of these models and their supportive narratives to describe what I think they are asking us to build for them and get them to agree that if we build what is described it will satisfy what they think they need.

This discussion, then, satisfies my interests in establishing a controllable Scope for the development efforts whether we implement the solution in a Waterfall, Iterative, Rational, Object, or Agile process. And that Scope also allows the Development and the Management Teams to apply good Change Control processes whenever some new or changed idea comes up that was not clearly defined in the earlier requirements discussions and agreements.

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