Project Management Handbook

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The content of that blog will be transferred to this new website ( and I will build a list of Page Links at this page so that readers and followers can find what they are looking for as quickly as reasonably possible.

Thank you for reading and for thinking along with me.

INTROProject Management Handbook Introduction
PMOStarting Your Own PMO
Risk ManagementEver Present Project Management Risks
Project ManagementProject in Recovery (not THAT Recovery 
Project ManagementProject in Trouble 
Project ManagementTurn the Organization Upside Down
Project ManagementInfrasttructure Project Management 
S D L CTesting Centric Life Cycle 
Project ManagementLet’s COULD The Issue 
Project ManagementStandards  for Cloud Computing
ScopeK P I Requirements 
Change ControlIssues, Risks, and Changes
GovernanceGovernance Fundamentals
I B MShades Of Blue
INTROPM Quotes from eMail
INTRONext Week, Next Month, Next Year
INTROThe Fundamental PM
INTROA Simple Definition
ManagingManaging Remotely
ManagingPeople Management Principles
ManagingWhen Should You Cancel A Project?
PlanningEstimating In The Blind
ScopeLessons Applied
ScopeQuality Assurance vs Quality Control
App Design Primer: A Short StoryAgile Methods (on SEH)
Project Management Handbook Post Links

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