Technically I AM Retired

These training materials started, earlier, as a You Tube Channel but that wasn’t working for me very well.

For now, these training sessions do not have an official name. They started as “Five Dollar Bill”, then as “Technically Retired” and most recently as “TECHnical.E.Retired” but none of these have survived to date.

Most recently, I have been referring to these training segments under the name of “Geri-Actives”. Maybe this one will STICK!

At present, I will be posting the individual training segments on this web site along with links to each on this landing page. I hope you will tell me what you think of these segments and, please, let me know if you want other topics included here.

Branding RequestI Need A New Name
Google Apps Techniques: DOCSHeaders Footers
T P T I NewslettersUnscheduled
as they are ready
Training INTROThe Hiczwa Cafe
Software Engineering: Data ModelingConcepts of Data Modeling
Google Apps Techniques: DOCSTable of Contents
Google Apps Techniques: SHEETSPivot Tables
Google Apps Techniques: SHEETSLookups in Tablesa
Google Apps Techniques: SLIDESAnimations
Google Apps Techniques: SLIDESRecording Audio on SLIDES
LibreOffice Techniques: PAGES
LibreOffice Techniques: MATH
WHG Training Segment Post Links

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