The TPTI Mission

My primary goals for my clients are to :

  • “Help Them Get closer to THEIR Money $$”!
  • Help them have the opportunity to earn Income separate from / in addition to their Career Efforts

Inkc is intentionally misspelled to help identify the following Paths to Inkc:

  • Ink on a Purchase Order for your goods or services
  • Ink on a Professional Service Contract for you to deliver your personal Services
  • Income from either a Part Time or Full Time Employment offer
  • Incorporation to offer goods and services AND
    create new Employment opportunities for ourselves and others
  • Income from successful investments, especially
    if you are monitoring these investments actively
  • Income from Royalties when you publish books and / or articles

If you would like more information on these paths, please comment on this blog, send me an email at or call me at 610.662.5658

William (Bill) H Gutches, bgbg

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