Input – Process – Output

What exactly should a computer program do?  How will you know if the program you have written or requested to be written for you does what you need it to do? It’s really a whole lot simpler than you might think. If you, as a business user, can define what information is available to accomplishContinue reading “Input – Process – Output”

Syntax of an ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram

Syntax Rules for an Entity Relationship Diagram: An Entity appears as a Rectangular shape with a Name that is represented in the Singular for the subject of the data contained in this Entity. A Relationship Line can be created between any two or more (or’s and and’s) Entities. A Relationship MUST be valid and readableContinue reading “Syntax of an ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram”

The Software Engineering Handbook

Information Technology (IT) has been moving towards a “Popcorn Culture” for many years where our Practitioners are regularly looking for a quick POP of a little progress in technology.  When I was growing up in the world of computer programming, we were taught that this work took planning, design, testing, and re-work before a productContinue reading “The Software Engineering Handbook”