Let’s CLOUD the Issue..

I just read an article about the word “CLOUD” being more of a verb than a noun so I thought I would add my two cents to this discussion and Cloud the issue some more. This article was written by someone in a networking group that I have attended in the past and I will,Continue reading “Let’s CLOUD the Issue..”

Structure Programming – Advice from IT.Toolbox

The only point I disagree with in this article is about replicating code for readability! DO NOT REPLICATE code ’cause it also replicates Maintenance Costs! Other than that – Bravo to the author: Craig Borysovitch! http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/enterprise-solutions/systems-development-structured-programming-guidelines-48980   bgbg

The First 90 Days

When I have been asked what I would do in the first 90 days of a new project as the Project Manager, my responses have typically included some or all of the following as a “Self-Orientation Start Up Plan”: 1) Gather the latest project documentation available from the following sources: a) Portfolio Management files forContinue reading “The First 90 Days”

Orthogonal Views…

A current definition provides us this: or·thog·o·nal   [awr-thog-uh-nl] adjective 1.  Mathematics . a. Also, orthographic. pertaining to or involving right angles or perpendiculars: an                 orthogonal projection. b. (of a system of real functions) defined so that the integral of the product of any           Continue reading “Orthogonal Views…”

Ever Present Project Management Risks

Every project has Risks associated with the delivery of the Business Solution. These need to be discovered as part of the Project Submission process and continue to be anticipated and discovered during the ultimate execution and delivery of the requested business solution. However, I also believe there are Project Management Risks that are inherent inContinue reading “Ever Present Project Management Risks”

Remember Codd and Date?

These were two technology authors who were quoted on the subject of Relational Integrity and a Normalized Data Model.  Their ideas of reducing redundancy in the physical data schema and protecting the mandatory relationships between entities took a whole lot of attention about how to create, define, and manage data so that it was safeContinue reading “Remember Codd and Date?”

The first computer bug – TODAY’s the day

Check this out about the first actual computer bug ever recorded: http://www.computerhistory.org/tdih/September/9/ bgbg

Input – Process – Output

What exactly should a computer program do?  How will you know if the program you have written or requested to be written for you does what you need it to do? It’s really a whole lot simpler than you might think. If you, as a business user, can define what information is available to accomplishContinue reading “Input – Process – Output”

Syntax of an ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram

Syntax Rules for an Entity Relationship Diagram: An Entity appears as a Rectangular shape with a Name that is represented in the Singular for the subject of the data contained in this Entity. A Relationship Line can be created between any two or more (or’s and and’s) Entities. A Relationship MUST be valid and readableContinue reading “Syntax of an ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram”

Process Modeling

Flowcharts, Data Flow Diagrams, Swim Lane diagrams, Use Cases and other constructs have been used to reflect what a Business or Systems Analyst thinks the client is describing when they talk about Business Process and the use of information in the conduct of their business. These diagrams have structure, syntax, and rules that have beenContinue reading “Process Modeling”