Let’s CLOUD the Issue..

I just read an article about the word “CLOUD” being more of a verb than a noun so I thought I would add my two cents to this discussion and Cloud the issue some more.

This article was written by someone in a networking group that I have attended in the past and I will, hopefully, get to talk to the author again before too many people get my opinion about whether CLOUD is a verb or a noun.

However, to be clear: I disagree that this word “CLOUD” is more verb than noun and here’s why:

  • If CLOUD is a verb then what observable action takes place when someone ‘clouds something’?
  • If CLOUD is a place where data is stored by owners so that it can be retrieved later to multiple devices then it’s a place and that makes CLOUD a noun.
  • If moving to the CLOUD is a complicated process for an organization regardless of the size of that organization, then the process of moving data to a CLOUD is a verb but the location where that data resides is a place (again) and therefore is a Noun (again).

The other discussions in the article are very valuable and clearly prepared to advise other IT professionals on how to approach the issue of Cloud usage for an organization.  He provides a list of ‘fundamental truths of corporate cloud strategy’ that are worth applying to anyone who is involved in moving an organization into CLOUD usage with very solid reasons to make this change.

However, the premise of this article that CLOUD is a verb is the one point that I cannot agree with.

Because of this opinion I feel obliged to provide a link to this article and so that you can review the author’s credentials and make up your own mind about this; however, considering how far we have yet to go in creating a mature understanding of this CLOUD capability, I think this debate will continue for a long time to come.

The link, then, is:


Thanx for reading!

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