Turn the Organization Upside Down!

Similar to the notion of “Servant Leadership”, I suggest we look at an Organization from a perspective that is different than the way many organizations will present the Organization Chart: CEO / Owner / Organizational Leader down thru levels of management to as many levels of workers as they choose to include in the org chart.

Instead, I suggest we start from a viewpoint that is NOT on the Org chart: the Stock Holders or other external beneficiaries and make sure we understand that each organization is put in place to succeed FOR these Stock Holders and / or other external beneficiaries.

Certainly the Customer should also be involved in this opening perspective on an Organization because without the consumers of whatever product or service each organization is offering to its customer base, there would be NO Organization.  AND, without satisfied customers there would be very little reason for Stock Holders to invest their time, money, interest, and support in our organization.

So, the next time one of your bosses tells you that you need to get something done because “I said so!”, think about how you could 1) Keep your job; and 2) Turn your bosses perspective Upside Down!


Published by bgbgbgbg

Social Media Manager, Information Technology Leader, Manager, Coach. Confident and Competent. Opinionated but Tactful. Cooperative to a Point! Income Search Advocate. Voice Actor (Novice but Trying)

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