Remember Codd and Date?

These were two technology authors who were quoted on the subject of Relational Integrity and a Normalized Data Model.  Their ideas of reducing redundancy in the physical data schema and protecting the mandatory relationships between entities took a whole lot of attention about how to create, define, and manage data so that it was safeContinue reading “Remember Codd and Date?”

Syntax of an ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram

Syntax Rules for an Entity Relationship Diagram: An Entity appears as a Rectangular shape with a Name that is represented in the Singular for the subject of the data contained in this Entity. A Relationship Line can be created between any two or more (or’s and and’s) Entities. A Relationship MUST be valid and readableContinue reading “Syntax of an ERD – Entity Relationship Diagram”

Modeling for Money!

One of the basic principles of Software Engineering is the creation of visual models to demonstrate the project team’s understanding of the discoveries we are collecting from the users who are driving our discussions. The type of drawings were proscribed by several authors of the time but regardless of the style of the drawing, theyContinue reading “Modeling for Money!”