Portfolio Project Management – Level Zero

Portfolio Management is an organization’s process for capturing, vetting, budgeting and scheduling the execution of Work Requests from the users and other contributors within an organization. A fundamental working assumption for any Portfolio Management process is that it has a high probability of changing on a regular basis to take advantage of new thinking, changingContinue reading “Portfolio Project Management – Level Zero”

Suburban Cowboy Chapter One

This is my first attempt at recording a chapter from the StoryWorth book that Kevin gave me as a gift subscription over one year ago. Every week (on Monday) I would get an email from StoryWorth with a topic that I could write about and send back my stories. As it turned out, I wroteContinue reading “Suburban Cowboy Chapter One”

Interview Question Prep V001

Once you have an Interview scheduled, perhaps, even before you have one scheduled, it is beneficial that each of us prepare for answering all questions that might come up during the interview. Going in “cold” is not a good approach so here are some suggestions about how to begin preparation. PS: The list of allContinue reading “Interview Question Prep V001”

Before You Quit, Have a Plan

It’s been noted in the news and on social media, that many people have quit their full time jobs in order to “go out on their own” in some fashion. And, I certainly don’t / can’t disagree with this interest. However, my strong suggestion is that before any one quits their primary source of incomeContinue reading “Before You Quit, Have a Plan”

Great Interviewee Questions

Ever thought about what you might want to ask when given the opportunity? ┬áTry this article out: http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/5-questions-great-job-candidates-ask-interviewers.html The questions included in there (just in case the link has been removed or change since 2012): What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 60 – 90 days? What are the common attributes ofContinue reading “Great Interviewee Questions”