Brian and Bill

Several years ago, my good friend Brian suggested we create a PodCast for the Job Seeker ideas that we shared.

I had been running a Mentoring group for a technical networking group and had a fairly strong following from within that group. As a result of that first mentoring group, I started a Job Seekers group at our church and asked Brian if he would be willing to help me with it.

What came out of these efforts was a Podcast called: “Brian and Bill’s Job Seeker Podcast”

This is the beginning of the list of those podcasts which I am preserving on this blog:

Brian and Bill’s Job Seeker Podcast – Episode 001

I hope you enjoy listening as much as you get some value out of our thoughts.

And, once again, if you have any comments or questions, please REPLY to each Podcast OR send me an email at whendoyoustoplooking@bgbgbgbg

Thanx, bgbg

PS: The list of all Podcast LINKS can be found here:

Brian and Bill’s Podcast LINK List as of Jan 2022

And the Next Post in this series is here:

Just Briefly

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