More Agilist Questions

Based on my earliest interviews, I have added some new questions to my interview plans:

  • When were you introduced to the “Agile Manifesto”?
    • How much do you rely on this Manifesto for your daily work?
  • Do you and your organization run discreet Projects, or would you consider your work on a m ore continuous flow basis?
    • Are there budgets assigned to Projects or development efforts?
    • How are they tracked, reported, projected?
  • Are these roles on your team and can you provide a position onventory or job description for:
    • Integration Engineer
    • Software Engineer
    • Application / Infrastructure Architect
  • What do yo use in place of a SCRUM to update the progress on work items, expected next steps or features, expected releases of the current development work?
  • How is the KANBAN technique used / applied to managing your work schedule?
  • Describe how “technical debt” is used to determine priorities, work schedules, etc?

Thank you, in advance, if you decide to offer your responses to these questions.


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