Social Media: The Path To Inkc

Social Media is a growth industry as of this writing in 2015.  My suspicion / expectation is that it will remain a growth industry for many many years to come.

The marketing discussions about Social Media revolve around the notion of Inbound Marketing, differentiating itself from the more traditional Outbound Marketing of the Mad Men era up to recent Advertising and Marketing Campaigns.

Inbound Marketing, in my opinion, is the creation of a desire in the part of a targeted audience to want more info, access, goods and services from someone or some organization creating a Social Media presence.

My idea of “The Path To Inkc” is that each of us individually and in our organizations can benefit from spending some of our traditional Advertising and Marketing money and energy in creating a Social Media presence that will gather the desired followers who will, then, want more of whatever we are offering.

What do you think?

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Thanx, bgbg

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