Publish or Perish

I know that you have heard this phrase: Publish or Perish, before but I am trying to apply this advice to myself right now.

I have been writing for many years now and have a few “manuscripts” in various stages of development:

  • I. T.’s Lost Art of Software Engineering
    • Been ready but still adding new content to the BLOG
    • Published on Amazon !!!
  • A Cowboy’s Reflections
    • Published on Amazon
  • The Agilist Series
    • In Process, first, by interviewing “Agilists”
  • Managing The Orthogonal Model
    • In the works with a rudimentary outline
  • Twenty Three Things to Think About At Impact
    • Golf lessons which apply to Life

And, now, (2018) while continuing my search for Perfect Procrastination, I have signed up to become a Publishing Partner with BookBaby. I do intend to use BookBaby as my publisher (didn’t atually) and have all the materials ready (on a thumb drive and a folder on my hard drive) but have not YET (2018) “pulled the trigger” on publishing. This is the worst case of “Fear of Failure” I have ever experienced.

If you are in the Publishing Business as an Author, Artist, Editor, or any one of a number of disciplines in the publishing business, please consider using this link as a reference to get some really good services and discounts from BookBaby:

Pub Partner Link Address: 20200830:

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