Podcast List 2022

This is a list of audio files I have loaded to this blog for the purpose of retaining the original recordings of “Brian and Bill’s Job Seeker Podcasts”. Podcast Name Link to Podcast Got a Minute Intro MP3 Recording “How To” https://thepathtoinkc.com/2022/01/23/mp3-recording-notes/ E001: Resume Formats Interview Question Preparation https://wordpress.com/post/thepathtoinkc.com/668 E001: Job Seekers https://thepathtoinkc.com/2019/02/25/job-seeker-podcast-into/ As IContinue reading “Podcast List 2022”

Social Media: The Path To Inkc

Social Media is a growth industry as of this writing in 2015.  My suspicion / expectation is that it will remain a growth industry for many many years to come. The marketing discussions about Social Media revolve around the notion of Inbound Marketing, differentiating itself from the more traditional Outbound Marketing of the Mad MenContinue reading “Social Media: The Path To Inkc”