There is a group of people who generally satisfy the term of “Geriatrics”.
We are considered old by some people, valuable by a few, disliked by others.

However, what really matters TO ME about this group, is:

  • I am one of them
  • We have experience, perspective, and “gumption”
  • We may not be ready to “lay down in the pasture” and fully retire
  • But, are also, not necessarily interested in engaging in any more Full Time Employment

So, I am going to create a list of some things to think about when referring to us Geriatrics or what I have started calling: “Geri-Actives”.

Post NameLink to Post
Two Things
Android GPS Example
Instruction Guide for WHG
Jobs for “Semi-Retired” (us)
Ger-Actives Podcast Links

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