My Mission Today

What is your mission?

Today is January 11, 2023. I turned 76 this passed November and I remember when I tried to retire back when I was around 64 – 65. Retirement was brief (just days really), awful, boring, and drove me nuts – more nuts than my usual “nuts”.

My Mission has had many aspects over recent years. Here are some points I can still remember:

  • Continue to provide coaching to individuals who want to find new income sources. Check out my website for some details:
  • Expand my knowledge of new technology software, hardware and capabilities.
  • Write some more stuff: Blogs, Books, Articles, Video / Audio Training
    • Lately I have been writing some more on my RetroPublican blog ( about how I would really love to return the Republican party to its earlier platforms, beliefs, values, behaviors.
    • My second book is an autobiography titled: “A Cowboy’s Reflections” which was a result of a subscription that my son gave me to StoryWorth. I responded to about 48 of their 52 weekly emails with suggested topics so it is now available on Amazon. The first book is also available on Amazon: “IT’s Lost Art of Software Engineering”.
    • I write lots of Opinions ( some of which are getting responses from my readers. I truly love the dialog but I am NOT trying to change anyone’s personal choices or opinions. I just want to have some meaningful discussions.
    • Started a video training offering on “How To…” for spreadsheets, word processing but, for the moment, I need a new name for that business. Tried “Five Dollar Bill”, “Technically Retired”, and “TECHnical.E.Retired”, but neither of those worked well. If you have any ideas, please reach out (see my Contact Page). A friend suggested I deliver video on my Small Business Advice topics which I am considering once I have a NEW NAME!
  • Advise small businesses in the areas of: Data Collection (Mobile Apps, Spreadsheets, Pivot tables, Reports); Business Metrics (SOPs, Dashboards, KPIs, Mitigation / Revision Strategies); Delivery Practices (Process Maps, Decision Tables, Methods and Techniques {SDLC, PMLC, Agile / Kanban, Hybrid-s-}, etc.);
  • Make enough money for myself and family so that I can pay my bills with less stress and give enough money and myself when warranted / requested. AND, be able to recognize when my attention is “warranted” or needed.
  • When I think of some other “Mission” goals, I will try to remember to add them here.

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Social Media Manager, Information Technology Leader, Manager, Coach. Confident and Competent. Opinionated but Tactful. Cooperative to a Point! Income Search Advocate. Voice Actor (Novice but Trying)

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