Space: The Old – New Frontier

Are you working for a company that still has leased or owned space that is underutilized?

Are you concerned for the financial viability of your company while they continue to pay for / maintain their unused office space?

What do you think you and your company could do with this space that would relieve some of the existing costs?

When I think about all the people in our workforce who are seriously considering Quitting their jobs to start their own ventures, I also think about how much help or support they might need in their dreamed new businesses.

And, also, I think about their need for work spaces to prepare their plans, service or product offerings, and be able to, first, identify and then communicate with their potential customers.

Try to imagine a Hoteling service for these new businesses so that they can use your already configured and unused office spaces to prepare and conduct their new businesses.

For example, let’s say you have a section of your available space that is already set up with 5 or 10 cubicles with walls, desks, chairs, phones, internet connections, printers, faxes, and a reception area. You could offer some of these start up businesses the use of one of these spaces for one or two days per week for a month or quarter at a time. Your plan would include an initial set up for a User Id and Password (they can bring their own PC or use yours); an answered land line phone (either a live receptionist or an automated answering service); access to the network (data, printers, the internet, etc.), all of which you can configure once and give them access based on their committed schedule.

If you are fortunate to fill each of your cubicles with part time tenants, you could always schedule reconfigurations for the other available days each week to increase your rentals and, thereby, expand your capacity until you are fully occupied.

Of course, you would need a “Hoteling” application that would capture Reservation Requests, Schedule the “Rooms” and “Configurations”, create and send Hoteling Invoices, receive payments (pre paid in most cases); schedule housekeeping services including restocking of supplies, maintenance of a Help Desk, etc.

Oh, and by the way, my company: The Path To Inkc, is building a Hoteling Business Practice to help you implement just this sort of business venture for you. If you are interested, please reach out to me at 484-925-1535 / 610-662-5658 or You can also use the Contact Page on this web site.

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