Where Do You Work?

Or, where are you able to work from lately?

In many cases, recently, we no longer need to work from an office. Any infrastructure (support) we might need has become very portable: cell phones, wifi, hot spots, cloud storage, etc.

My Latest Work Space (Basement Office 2022)

With so many companies removing the centralized office as a requirement for their work force, there are now increasing opportunities to get work done from almost anywhere as long as their is a cable or cellular signal available.

This technology also relieves us from having to work on a fixed schedule: no more necessity to work from “9 AM to 5 PM”; however, this also means that we can work at almost any time around the clock: 8 PM, 2:30 AM, and anytime in between. Whatever happened to that 40 hour work week? Whatever happened to week ends or holidays? Whatever happened to vacations?

So I guess, the “WHEN Do You Work?” question is also applicable to this discussion.

If you are interested in continuing this conversation, please tell me WHERE and WHEN do you find yourself working these days?

You can either REPLY to this post, or you the Contact form on this website to reach me.

Thanx, in advance, bgbg

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