The Internet of Things: GPS

I had to get to a location that I had never been to before so I started the GPS in my phone and entered the street address.  I knew, generally, where this location was but was not really sure how best to get there so I figured I would follow the directions from the GPS.

Since I have used my GPS for many trips to date, some for relatively long drives, I had confidence that it would get me there will little difficulty.

My first surprise was that it directed me to a Limited Access Toll Road, a Turnpike, to get to my location.  I was not expecting this but I followed anyway.

The next surprise was that it directed me to exit using a new Exit that only allowed EZPass users through.  I do have an EZPass account and there is a transponder in my car but, I wondered, how does the GPS know that this exit will only allow EZPass users to exit and that MY CAR had an EXPass transponder on board?  Or did it?

I know that the information about my EZPass account is on my phone, where the GPS app was running, but COULD the GPS tap into that Info and KNOW before hand that I could successfully exit through this EZPass Only Turnpike Exit?

As I drove through the Exit, I imagined that these two “devices”: my GPS on the phone and my EZPass Transponder attached to my windshield, actually did trade information so they could work together.  It’s possible?  Don’t you think?

Then once I get to my location, pick up what I needed to get, I decided to crank up the GPS again mostly because I wasn’t really sure how to get OUT of the location and back to roads that I am familiar with.  I gave the GPS my Home Address and began to follow its directions until I started to recognize where I was.  The GPS was taking me a very different way than I thought I was familiar with so I drove following my own instructions toward home.

Just a few miles down the road, I ran into a Detour that said the entire road I was taking to get home was CLOSED for the next few miles!  Did the GPS KNOW that this road was closed and that was its reason for taking me on a different path than what I considered to be the most direct?  Or was it just a random a lucky choice, again!??

Is it possible that in both these instances I had benefited from the Internet of Information and that my GPS had been informed of the EZPass Only exit, My Active EZPass account, and this Detour?

Please, readers, tell me what you think about this AND any other Internet of Information or Internet of Things (IoT) potentials.

I look forward to our discussions.

BGBGBGBG, Bill Gutches

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3 thoughts on “The Internet of Things: GPS

  1. On LinkedIn, there was a posting claiming that what we connect to in the Internet of Things will define us. Should we be concerned about how much we connect to and how much information we let out through these new connections? I think this debate is inevitable. What do you think?


    1. The debate about the safety and effectiveness of IoT will continue until there are sufficient standards in this new industry that communication is quantifiable. This will likely NOT happen in my life time!


  2. Hi Bill,
    I too depend heavily on my GPS to travel, I find it indispensible. However, it is not infallible; occasionally it will show me in the middle of a massive blank space, and sometimes it routes me to a road that is closed for construction. But, I still love it.

    What I need and do not have is a way to find my car in a parking lot. I have a tool that will find my cell phone (and ME, because it is in my pocket). Also, I have a tool that will find my car (via the Verizon HUM device on the steering column). BUT, there is no way for the internet to guide me from my current position to the position of my car. It seems that we have the technology to do that, but not the tool.

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