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Attached is an early attempt at building brief technical training segments that I am planning on offering from this web site for my clients.

At first, I was thinking of naming this offering “Five Dollar Bill” and posting these videos on You Tube but that didn’t work for various reasons. Then, I tried calling these offerings “Technically.Retired” and “TECHnical.e.retired” but those names didn’t work either. For now, there is no official name for these offerings but I am still starting to produce the training sessions, so here is an early segment for your review.

Please let me know if you think this material, this effort, is worthwhile.

Thanx bgbg –

Headers and Footers in Google Docs – 2022

PS: Apparently I still have some Video Editing skills to refine before I will consider these any where close to finished video products; however, I also believe that I have made some significant strides in the last few days and week.


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