TPTI Services Available

There are several ways to engage with The Path To Inkc for your increased Web Presence and for adding Income Opportunities for yourself and / or your small business:

  • Start with a Planning Meeting (Zoom, Phone Call or Face-to-Face meeting)
    1. Discuss your career, side gigs, business, plans, goals to the extent you are willing to share them with me
    2. Talk about how we can work together to improve your ability to achieve your goals
    3. Agree to one or a few “Next Steps” we can take together
  • Initial Profile Improvement
    1. Review your current Web Site(s), LinkedIn Profile, Resume, and Social Media outlet usage
    2. Discuss Web Presence changes we could do together in the near term, and longer term
    3. Recommend changes to LinkedIn Profile and Headline
      i.  For Personal or Business uses
    4. Recommend changes to your Master Resume and plans to create unique resumes for each engagement or employment opportunity
    5. Review Search Term “presence” and effectiveness, then suggest a list of better performance Terms and Phrases
  •    Review current Social Media usage and outlets
  •    Determine current Search Term effectiveness and recommend improvements
  •    Review / Assess the value of current or future Blog / Web Site Content, make suggestions
  •    Discuss Search Engine Business Claiming
  •    Identify Search Engines which could be useful
  •    Research Search Terms efficiency and effectiveness – Recommend next case Terms and Phrases
  •    Register individual or company names on appropriate Search Engines along with Select Search Terms and Phrases
  •    Hourly Web Presence Coaching (suggest minimum six month basis – two meetings per month)

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