About Software Engineering and Bill Gutches

I started as an Entry Level COBOL, BAL, and RPG programmer in the late 1960’s when Flowcharts, Coding pads, and Card Decks were ‘the latest and greatest’ for writing computer programs.  It’s not like that anymore.

I learned Software Engineering principles later in my career and eventually had the opportunity to not only apply these techniques but I also wrote content for Systems Development Life Cycle products: SE Companion, STRADIS, eNable, and MERISE. And, in conjunction with those SDLCs I also created training programs to teach Software Engineering techniques as they were applied and included in those Methodologies.

At one point, I was known as “Mr. STRADIS” at the company I was working for and by my Business Users who were being trained in STRADIS to be used for their IT Projects.

Now, I am trying to write down as much of what I learned from those experiences as possible in the hopes that current Information Technology professionals will re-acquaint themselves with these ideas. I think we could all use some more structure in the technical development side of our lives.


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