My Other Blogs

I write.

I read, think, adapt, and absorb.

And then I write.

The blogs that I write are on many different topics and I don’t write new materials in them on a regularly scheduled basis. But I do occasionally post new content on these blogs.

Please check out any one or all of them and join me in a conversation about whatever I have written about OR whatever YOU would like to talk about. I can be reached at or

Thank you for reading, thinking, and engaging:

Blog NameBlog LinkGeneral Subject
Opinions Are Freehttp://www.opinionsarefree.wordpress.comRandom collection of Opinions – most of these are MINE
Sixty Somethinhttp://www.sixtysomethin.wordpress.comNow that I am 60, I want to write things down before I forget them
Software Engineering Handbookhttp://www.softwareengineeringhandbook.wordpress.comMy experiences and suggestions from my career in Software development and consulting
Project Managment Handbookhttp://www.projectmanagementhandbook.wordpress.comMy ideas about how to manage technology based projects
The Path To Inkchttp://www.thepathtoinkc.comThis web site / blog about my company, service offerings, and other content
Seventy Somethinhttp://www.seventysomethin.wordpress.comMore “old guy” stuff about memories, reminders, and things I’d like others to remember about me
TECHnically Retiredhttp://www.technical.e.retired.wordpress.comDEFUNCT but had content about video training I will be producing
RETROPublicanhttp://www.retropublican.wordpress.comTrying to create a revived Republican Party
No Alternate Lifestyleshttp://www.noalternatelifestyles.wordpress.comThoughts about the LGBT community – I am in favor of individual choice
23 Things To Think About At Impacthttp://www.23thingatimpact.wordpress.comGolf as Life – this blog WILL be re-written with a new theme, new name, more content
Geri-Activeshttp://www.geriactives.wordpress.comHelping clients find experienced resources for their short-term business needs.
Blogs by bgbgbgbg

I am also listing the two books I currently have published and available on Amazon:

IT’s Lost Art of Software Engineering
A Cowboy’s Reflections
William H Gutches Published Books

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Social Media Manager, Information Technology Leader, Manager, Coach. Confident and Competent. Opinionated but Tactful. Cooperative to a Point! Income Search Advocate. Voice Actor (Novice but Trying)

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