Damn the Republicans, Full Speed Ahead

The current roster of elected Republicans have lost their moorings. Lost their connections to those who elected them, those who trusted them, those who still hope that they will adhere to the history of the Republican party, its programs, its philosophies, and its published platform.

However, the current elected Republicans are NOT adhering to their published beliefs. They have become outliers and outlaws making decisions from their positions of power to take care of themselves first, last, and foremost.

If only Democrats could be as ruthless. But they have not shown any tendency to be that focused and so I can only hope that some of the remaining TRUE Republicans will switch to the RetroPublican party and begin, anew, where the real Republicans left off so many years ago.

Please Bring Back The Truth of the Republican Party! Don’t wait until another election passes us by where we make meager gains – if any.

Published by bgbgbgbg

Social Media Manager, Information Technology Leader, Manager, Coach. Confident and Competent. Opinionated but Tactful. Cooperative to a Point! Income Search Advocate. Voice Actor (Novice but Trying)

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