Work in the Future

I can imagine a time when I can have a drone tethered to my cell phone and following me around. The drone can provide WIFI, security, and information about what might be happening around me: good and bad.

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And, if I happen to be driving / driven at the time, my car can be connected to the drone and the local traffic apps so that I can pay as much attention to my “work” as I might have previously attended to my driving.

I can be wearing a pair of iGlasses with a microphone, heads-up display and a twiddler as my keyboard. WIth these devices connected to the internet through the WIFI Drone, I can do almost anything from almost anywhere.

Work, then, will no longer be a “place” but a response to opportunities and situations and can be delivered from anywhere.

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If you think working “remotely” now is different than your previous office settings, how do you think you will adapt to this new “moving” party called Work in the Future?

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