The Path To Inkc

  • How many ways would you be willing to collect income:
    • Full Time Employment with Salary and Benefits?
    • Part Time Employment paid by the Hour or Piece of Work?
    • Signed Master Service Agreement(s) for predefined services, rate and duration?
    • Signed Purchase Order(s) for your product offering(s)?
    • Incorporation of your own new company and the creation of new jobs for yourself and others?
    • Royalty from Publications / Stock – Bond Investment Income?
  • Do you still think that you only need ONE Source of Income to survive in our current world?

I don’t expect that many people could manage all of these income sources (or others), but wouldn’t it be nice if you could maintain two or more of these?  And, IF one of your new income sources were to “dry up” for a time, wouldn’t it be nice that you could have the others to keep you going?

If the answers to these questions intrigue you, reach out to me for an initial free review: William (Bill) Gutches at 610.662.5658 or .

My Social Media Web Presence techniques and Business Planning experiences coupled with your passion for your products and/or services have the potential to get you in a position where two or more of these income sources can be sustained.  Please let me know if you are interested in talking to me about these possibilities.

William (Bill) Gutches ► Social Media ☑ Web and Blog Content ☑ Income Search Coach ☑Business Planning Coach ☑ Contact Info: ☛ ☛  610.662.5658

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Social Media Manager, Information Technology Leader, Manager, Coach. Confident and Competent. Opinionated but Tactful. Cooperative to a Point! Income Search Advocate. Voice Actor (Novice but Trying)

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