Afraid To Ship

Been writing this blog since 2008 or so.  Had the content of the book since 2011: “I. T.’s Lost Art of Software Engineering”.  Printed a Hard Copy of the book in 2012.  Haven’t published / “shipped” ever.  “Waiting for Godot” was a faster read than the publication of my own book.

What am I afraid of? Success? Income? Adulation? Public Notice that I did something?
Or “Failure”?

How can it be Failure if I actually published a book that I wrote on my own?  Does it matter whether tens or tens of thousands actually buy and / or read it?  Or am I just Afraid because I’m afraid?

And lately, June 2018, I started a “Go Fund Me” account for folks to donate to the costs of publishing my first book.  To date, 7 Aug 2018, I have not collected enough for 25% of those costs and am thinking that this idea was not such a good one after all.  Your thoughts? PLEASE?

Months later I closed the “Go Fund Me” page / account and offered to return the donations I had received. It may not be over, but it sure feels like “Done”.

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