Elevator Speech – 2022

Need a Business Plan, a Marketing Plan, or a Project Plan? I can help with those.

I have been responsible to implement and run several PMO’s: Portfolio, Program and Project Management Offices.

And have also built Mobile Apps (IoS, Android, phones and tablets) to collect and transmit information to a centralized database for reporting and analysis.

If you want to talk, please reach out at 610-662-5658 or bgutches@thepathtoinkc.com

My name is Bill Gutches and I have been in the Information Technology arena for my entire career.

IT as a Profession

I started as an Entry Level Computer Programmer and moved through the ranks of Business / Process Analyst, System Designer, Project Leader, Team Manager, Group Systems Manager (read as Divisional CIO), Regional Vice President (RCG / IQA), and then Contract / Consulting.

Digital Marketing

Recently I have been doing Digital Marketing for individuals and small businesses by improving their Web Presence with Web Sites, Blogs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics and Marketing Programs.

Job and Income Coaching

I also assist with Job and/or Income Coaching by suggesting revisions to LinkedIn and Other Social Media Profiles and Resume changes.


One of my other passions is Writing. I have two books so far: IT’s Lost Art of Software Engineering; and A Cowboy’s Reflections. I am also working on two more books for now.

And, to stay “in shape” for writing books I also write several blogs {sixtysomethin… opinionsarefree… projectmanagementhandbook… .wordpress.com and my web site http://www.thepathtoinkc.com).

The second book is a result of a one year long subscription that was a gift from our son: Kevin. I wrote answers to questions that Kevin chose for me. That book is now complete and available on Amazom: “A Cowboy’s Reflections”!

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